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Experience and Service Quality Measurement

Track the Experience and Create Loyal Customers/Members

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You know the saying "you can't manage what you don't measure."  It is imperative for organizations to expect what they inspect and understand what is happening on the periphery.  Especially, for multi-site organizations in an industry like banking.  Organizations that measure the service quality and experience of their members or customers exhibit higher business outcomes.  In order for change or improvement to happen, organizations need to instill accountability and the right metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Those that incorporate the results from this experience tracking and research into their training, coaching and culture, exhibit even higher outcomes.

Best practices indicate that all channels should be tracked.  A customer or member may  have a great experience at the branch but a poor one with online or the call center.  Regardless of the experience at the branch, the overall experience is eroded and will affect whether you are considered the primary financial institution and, ultimately, share of wallet and desired business outcomes.

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Mosaic's full range of member or customer experience measurement methodologies include:

  • Post-transaction customer surveys

    • Phone, Email or Text​

  • Customer Loyalty surveys

  • In-bound telephone shops

  • On-site mystery shopping


Our clients' success

Since 1995, we have specialized in the financial services industry. Our clients' success is based on more than just data collection and reporting. Our industry experience, specialization in customer experience research and improvement strategies add a layer of expertise that is uniquely the "Mosaic Advantage - Performance 360".

Member/Customer experience reporting with industry normative averages is only one aspect of our systematic approach to increasing service quality and member/customer loyalty. 

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In addition to providing first-class research we add services designed to move the needle:

  • Assistance in developing a member/customer experience improvement strategy and journey mapping

  • Best-practices workshops

  • Employee engagement surveys, consulting and training

  • Compelling sales and service training programs

  • Management skills/coaching training

  • Incentive compensation consulting

  • Recruiting for the right fit

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