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Sales And Service Training

Creating Trusted Advisors

Where does your credit union stand in terms of establishing a brand-defining member experience that engages members and increases marketshare and walletshare?

Sales and service training should reflect the experience your members or customers are looking for, as well as the strategy of the organization.  Recent studies indicate that the members and customers are looking for more than a transaction or a friendly chat. 

This is not a new revelation.  Normal transactions are increasingly shifting to digital.  So, while the transactions with a live banker are decreasing, the need for conversations about their financial services needs are at a heightened level. 

Customers and members are looking for consultation.  Therefore, bankers need to provide a consultative or needs-based approach that will create better share of wallet and, ultimately, higher loyalty.

Training should be tailored and reflective of the company's strategy and include an ongoing coaching approach that will create "stickiness" for day to day effectiveness.  Train your managers and front line staff to identify needs and create long-lasting relationships.

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