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Solutions Designed Around Your Needs to Manage, Measure and Improve the Experience

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Measure the Experience and Create Loyal Members & Customers

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Measure the Culture and Engage Your Employees

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Attract Talent to Fit the Culture

Who We Are

A Roadmap For Exceptional Experience "Performance360"

Since opening our doors in 1995, we’ve assisted community banks and credit unions to improve Share of Wallet, Cross-selling, Loan Volume, Deposits and Profitability through our customized solutions.  Mosaic offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most challenging member and customer experience, cultural and performance management issues of your organization.

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Our clients' success is based on more than just data collection, reporting and training. Our industry experience, specialization in member and customer experience research, training solutions, employee engagement and improvement strategies add a layer of expertise that is uniquely the Mosaic Advantage - which we call Performance360.  When our services are integrated together, the results are amplified even greater.

Member and Customer experience reporting is only one aspect of our systematic approach to increasing service quality and loyalty. In addition to providing first-class survey and mystery shopping research we add:

  • Development of a sales and service improvement strategy - Creating Trusted Advisors

  • Metrics/KPIs alignment

  • Compelling Sales & Service and Management Skills training programs

  • Employee Engagement Surveys and Action Planning to enhance the culture

  • Recruiting services to find the right talent for the "right fit'

  • Best-practices workshops

  • Incentive/Compensation consulting

  • Strategic Consulting

Office Consultation

Examine Your Current Situation

Where does your organization stand in terms of establishing a brand-defining member experience and high performance culture that engages members or customers resulting in increased market share and share of wallet?

Return on Investment

In retail banking, an active client is worth at least $9500 more in annual income than a passive customer.
(Markey and Richfield)

Retention of Members

A 5% increase in member retention can increase income by 25% to 95%.
(From the Harvard Business Review)

Recruitment of New Members

Acquiring a new member is 5 to 10 times more expensive than keeping an existing member.

Repeat Customers

The primary reason most mortgage customers renew with the same financial institution is that they view the original transaction to be smooth.

Increase Participation

Customers who describe their experience with a company as "easy" are 94% more likely to repurchase and 88% more inclined to increase their spending with that same company.
(Customer Effort Committee)

Office Meeting
Office Scene
Office Scene

Engaged Employees:

Any bank or credit union's performance are significantly reliant on engaged personnel.  Engaged personnel deliver an increase in sales, revenue, productivity, employee retention and income. 

Employee Coaching:

A robust coaching culture in which management is actively involved in guiding their employees is at the core of every successful bank or credit union.

Member/Customer Satisfaction:

One of the most important performance criteria for any bank or credit union is to measure the member/customer experience from all channels so you know where to improve. 




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